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Fresh Flower Course

This course formed the basic foundation skills required in Floristry. For those who wish to pursue in the career or those who wish to acquire the technique and secrets of floristry.
  • All lessons will include on care and conditioning of different flora and fauna
  • All materials used are included in the course fees and tools will be provided


4th & 11th March, Friday 2016


5pm to  8pm 


5th & 12th March, Saturday 2016


Coming soon

10am to 1pm 

Advance Course
Intermediate Course

Class Programme:
Lesson 1 - Fan Floral Structure 
Lesson 2 - T-Shape Floral Structure
Lesson 3 - Crescent Floral Structure
Lesson 4 - Waterfall Floral Structure

Class Programme:
Lesson 1 - Parallel Structure 
Lesson 2 - Vegetation Floral Structure
Lesson 3 - Topiary Floral Structure
Lesson 4 - Final Floral Structure

Basic Course

Class Programme:
Lesson 1 - Round Floral Structure 
Lesson 2 - Oval Floral Structure
Lesson 3 - Symmetrical Floral Structure
Lesson 4 - Asymmetrical Floral Structure

Class Cost : $300 for 4 Sessions

Class Cost : $320 for 4 Sessions

Class Cost : $380 for 4 Sessions


26th February, Friday 2016


27th February, Saturday 2016



10am to 1pm 

6pm to 8pm 

Basic Hand bouquet Course
Terms and Conditions

Class Programme:
Lesson 1 - Hand tied round
Lesson 2 - Hand tied natural










Class Cost : $180 for Friday class

Class Cost : $200 for Saturday class

  • In the case of cancellation, notify us 72 hours prior to the commencement of your class. Otherwise, your slot will be forfeited.

  • Full Payment upon confirmation, we will sent you an email with details of payment and class.

  • Please state date and time clearly when registering for classes.

  • Punctuality - kindly arrive 15 mins before class starts.


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